What We Do


  • Each Trustee of the charity and the members are all volunteers. They come from the local community and give up their time on a regular basis to come together and take the charity’s projects and events forward.

  • At each AGM, the office bearers are elected from the Trustee group including chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

  • The Chair is the principal representative of the charity and has sound knowledge of policies and procedures and legislation as it affects the DCLP.

  • The Secretary’s responsibilities include dealing with correspondence and being well-informed about all aspects of the DCLP activities and interests. The Chair and Secretary liaise closely so that meetings run smoothly.

  • The Treasurer oversees DCLP funds, keeping accurate financial records and giving reports at each meeting.

  • The charity applies for grants and funding and needs to keep up-to-date on new funding opportunities to support their projects. DCLP often fundraise to support its activities and some examples of these are concerts, plant sales, running a charity shop.

  • If you’d like know more, please contact our secretary by one of the methods on the “who we are” page.